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The invention of digital devices have made things much more convenient for human beings. Along with that also comes the harmful effect of the ‘blue light’ that emits from the screen of these devices. We may not be able to avoid using these technological wonders but we can take precaution to safeguard our eyes especially those of our children. In order to meet these needs, PARKSplay was born.

PARKSplay is designed with the children in mind. PARKSplay high quality glasses comes in lively designs, manufactured with durable materials and utilising a unique filtering technology that protect and promote healthy eyes.


Why-choose-ParksplayThe requirement of the digital consumers demanded for sharper resolution and manufacturer met that by placing an emphasis on high definition products. By doing this, it also means a greater increase in blue light emission.

Modern school curriculum now will include computer studies as part of the education programme. This will increase the children’s exposure to these blue light emissions.

It will be a wise action on the parents’ part if they were to adopt a preventive stance in order to protect the eyes of their little ones.

What is blue light?

Red, green and blue are added together in various ways to reproduce an array of colors for human eyes to create a colourful visual. Blue light is the shortest and most intensive wavelength in the color spectrum. It is able to penetrate to the macular part of the retina. Prolonged exposure to the blue light can cause eye disease or even blindness. According to World Health Organisation (WHO), prolonged exposure to the blue light is the leading cause for visual impairment. Macular degeneration has outranked the cataract to be the number one reason for vision loss.


how does the blue light cause harm?

The blue light from the digital devices can cause injury to the retina causing macular degeneration and resulting in blurred vision, distorted image, reduced vision, leading to blindness.


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